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Heather McGregor

RHI Certified Laser Coach, Quantum Flow Practitioner

About Your Specialist

Combining the power of laser coaching and the embodiment of Quantum Flow, I help people to rapidly unhook themselves from story, beliefs and ideas that are holding them back from achieving the life and business they dream of. The focus of my work opens clients to experience the truth of abundance and what it means specifically for them as they co-create powerful and confident actions that move them forward.

While the focus is designed to increase your income, opening to abundance naturally encompasses all areas of a soul-led life and clients see improvement not only in wealth and business but also in relationships, engagement, service, health, love and overall outlook on life.

Referred to as a natural positivity magnet, I find great joy when we rise together and I love to hold open a very big space for your vision to reveal itself and naturally unfold.


  • RHI Certified Laser Coach
  • Quantum Flow Practitioner


  • Weekdays
  • America/Vancouver GMT




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