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Wondering what specialist is right for you?

Our family of specialists are trained in a variety of disciplines to provide you an individual support program whether you are looking to improve your income, well-being, relationships, spiritual connection, fitness, business, career or any area of your life you desire.

Quantum Healing Practitioner

Transformation doesn’t have to be complicated. Accelerate your healing and growth under the guidance of fully-equipped and certified Quantum Healers.
 They’ll help you manifest your highest self with ease.

Laser Coach

Dreaming of tapping into your visions? A Laser Coach will assist you in gaining perfect, crystalline clarity as you move through your conscious and unconscious blocks at a rapid speed!

Quantum Flow Practitioner

Our Certified Quantum Flow Coaches can help rewire your entire mind and body, removing unconscious blockages embedded deep within you. They’ll help you live in inner mastery and optimal manifestation.



Quantum Flow Fitness Trainer

Quantum Flow Fitness Experts will push you to achieve power in every aspect of your mind and body using the science of an integral program that’ll make you crave fitness.

RHI Team Laser Coach

Regan Hillyer International Team Laser Coaches are a dynamic extension of Regan’s expertise. They can teach you how to shift into greater alignment with your soul at a rapid speed.

Energetic Architect

Did you ever wish for a reset button? Accredited Energetic Architecture Coaches assist in realigning your energetic field so you are able to easily embody your true dreams and desires.

What is soulbeat?

Igniting a world with potential

SoulBeat is an international movement in personal growth and accelerated evolution. The SoulBeat mission is shared through powerful programs, events, immersions, training, workshops, healing, coaching and experiences to awaken consciousness and expand our potential. 
SoulBeat is the fusion of the work of two prominent thought leaders, Regan Hillyer and Juan Pablo Barahona, who between them have fearlessly dedicated over 35 years to their own journey of personal growth, and the lives of millions of others too.

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